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Deluxe 4 bed Pack 60 House Removal Moving Boxes

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Do you need a high quality complete 
house moving kit for preparing for your 
4 Bed House move?
Are you packing up a 4 bedroom house or 
large sized office and want high quality 
packaging supplies at a bargain price?

Buy this complete DELUXE 4 Bed House 
Moving Boxes Pack to get your house move 

Deluxe 4 Bed House Moving Pack contains:
• 4 B2 Extra Large moving boxes – 18” x 18” x 20”
• 45 B1 Large moving boxes – 18” x 10” x 12”
• 11 B6 Medium moving boxes – 12” x 9.5” x 9.5”
• 50 sheets of glass/china wrap paper
• 15m bubble wrap
• 2 x packing tape
• 1 x tape dispenser gun
• 1 x marker pen

This Deluxe house moving pack is one of 
the cheap moving box kits around! It is a 
complete house removal kit but is also ideal 
for a large office move or large/penthouse 
This complete house moving kit contains a 
total of 60 cardboard moving boxes and a 
wide range packing supplies. 
It includes 50 sheets of glass/china wrapping 
paper and a massive 15m of 300mm wide 
bubble wrap to ensure that you can package 
your fragile items safely. We have also 
included two rolls of packing tape and a tape 
dispensing gun to make your house move 
quick and easy.
A marker pen allows for easy labelling of your 
cardboard house move boxes so you know 
exactly what is inside each box.

This is our largest deluxe moving pack and 
contains high quality moving boxes. We 
have based all of our house move kits contents
on customer feedback. However, as your 
move is individual, you might want to buy 
further TV boxes or additional moving supplies 
from our full moving box range to suit your needs.

Price is all inclusive
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Deluxe 4 bed Pack 60 House Removal Moving Boxes




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